they say… life is too short for regrets.


i regret meeting you.

i regret falling in love with you.

i regret saying yes 2 years ago.

i regret being so stupid to think that your the one.

i regret not trusting others advice.

i regret being with you.

i regret doing all the stupid stuff for you.

i regret buying the airtickets juz to be with you.

i should have said no 2 years ago. should have saved the heartache.

regrets are aplenty when it come to you.

never regret anything done in love? if u had really loved me, you wont have done tis to me. i was just the fool. a fool in love.

no more.

its too late for regrets.

btw, thanks for making me feel so broken. remember confused chaos? what you wrote? thats how i feel now. thanks for turning the tables…

today would have been our 2 years anniversary if we were still together…

a thousand pieces, under your feet (for there is where u smashed and stomped all over my tender lil heart) that’s where my heart is. do you hear that? that’s the sound of a broken heart…

the ones we love, dun love us. the one we dont love, love us.

u make me feel tis way. out in the rain. cold. depressed.
“You were everything, everything that I wanted
We were meant to be, supposed to be, but we lost it
All of the memories, so close to me, just fade away
All this time you were pretending
So much for my happy ending”

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