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had soooo much fun with clique! :D.. met up with pearl and ming ming first @ orchard and i went to buy chocolate chip brownie from famous amos! damn freaking good… *drools* and i bought balls! 2 of them… haha. chicken balls…

met up with G then proceeded to marina bay to meet lydia…

proceeded to marina south steamboat!!! woot! went to yellow dragon village! my fave place! had lotsa fun juz chatting/bitching/quarreling/gossiping/teasing one another. missed each other SOOOOO much! gotta have a monthly outing!

anyway, pictures time…

ming ming! pretty rite? sorry peeps, she’s attached! unfortunately tis woman has a fetish for crabs and mussels.. and keeps insisting her mussels aint cooked!

silly G! tis babe keeps on ‘OW-ing’ coz of de oil splatters… hahhaa…

pearl punk! hahha. silly babe made a mess on de table!

lydia dear! tis babe keep on wanting to go off somewhere.. hahaha! we managed to get her to stay till de end!

me! hahaha. why am i sulking? COZ PPL KEEP ON TRYING TO EAT MY TOFU! hahhaa. in trying to get tis pic, 2 tofus were sacrificed… hahhaa… clumsy ol’ me!

thing we ate and conquered..

sweet pics…

eat until soooooo full!

cuckoo pic of de day… hahaha…

the clique… 🙂

anyway, enjoyed myself terribly… love u guys! 🙂 … miss all de time together… on sunday, hope u guys free for tanning & fireworks yeah? *hugz*

Phrase of de day….

16) A Nad’s Too Wet Without One!

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