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Tell me more.

It’s one of those days where I feel that I know nothing about you and you know everything about me. So, for this entry, please tell me something about yourself.

It could be something random, something that I do not know, a hobby you had, what’s your favourite food, your biggest fear, your happiest moment, basically anything.

If you see this, do comment. I would love to know about you, anything at all.

So please, tell me more.

25 thoughts on “Tell me more.”

  1. I seldom dream when I sleep. But when I do, it drains me. So I hate dreaming when sleeping.

    I daydream alot though.


  2. I am uglyfatchick turning 21 years old on 9th next month. I’m very lazy which explains the ugly and fats. Eh, I think you already know I’m short and also loves to shop.. eh.. I also love to eat.. steak, chicken wings, salmon sashimi, kimchi, sotong balls, fried softshell crab,.. endless list. :p
    I fear anything that moves. Yes I’m a scarycat. *meow*


  3. I’m graduating soon, but I fear I might not. I am a foodie, gadgets lover, and I enjoy a cup of coffee or drinks, with lovely company 🙂

    Did I also mention I would love an occasional sun tan? 😛



    But you can still call me by thy-name-shalt-not-be-spoken very softly, in public places.

    I try not to raise my arms when i’m around you for the obvious reasons. =x


  5. I like my teeth. They are nice teeth who have never given me any trouble. Even when my wisdom teeth were popping up, they just grew upwards without pushing and shoving any of the other teeth or causing any pain or infection.

    I like to dance the Hokey-Pokey but don’t tell anyone that.


  6. I’m a nurse! (soon to be lol)
    I’m engaged! (although I’m still so young haha)
    Asians think that I’m a tomboy but for westerners, I’m so feminine! Weird o_O
    I’m addicted to houses with HUGE living room.
    I’m moving to another whole new country soon! 🙂


  7. hello (:
    im one of the dancers that performed in the Sony event last week =p

    i read your blog frequently and was suprised to see you at the event. heh . didnt get a chance to say hi though. lol.



  8. i read ur blog and dun own a blog.
    1st time posting comment at anybody’s blog.

    seen u before at ba ba black sheep.
    hate my job, pending bonus.
    feeling depressed at work now cuz office politics raging on and i seemed to be standing right in the middle.


  9. I read lots of books, which are mostly fantasy genre. Music which i listen to, includes Original Sound Tracks from movies such as Gladiator, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight etc. 🙂


  10. I’ve lived in Canada for almost 7 years now, but i went to pri school in Singapore. I love reading Singaporean bloggers because it keeps me in tune with the news/trends in Singapore. I have an amazing boyfriend, and I love field hockey. I love sushi and chicken wings! <3 But, i’m allergic to those orange fish eggs on sushi 🙁 Sad eh? I go back to Singapore at least once a year, so hopefully i’ll see you around when i’m back. Keep blogging! 🙂


  11. I am just a reader of your site.

    im hitting that damn 20 this year, love anything that’s edible, love events and everything’s that gotta do with F-U-N.

    i brushed past you once at Orchard Underpass. Almost screamed NADNUT! but i didnt.

    i hope i get my law degree.


  12. I am in denial of my age and what life seems to have in stall for me.

    I like writing and getting freebies. I love my Events job. I love travelling and everything about France, even the snobs. I dream of see-ing the world and living in every city for a few months. I want to be rich or marry damn rich.

    I hate air stewardess-es, but am secretly jealous of their job perks.

    I want to have a nicer nose.


  13. I love.. all kinds of sports, and I’m running my first marathon this year. Quite scared about it though, but luckily I have my bf who’s running and training with me.

    I fear…mediocrity and voicelessness in this world.

    I like your blog because it is rather nice to read about someone else’s life (especially when it is so happening), i dunno why but it is. Also, I know that it is sometimes hard to be happy all the time, but for the most part, you seem happy.


  14. My favourite spot in my house is the kitchen window where I could look up at the blue skies or fluffy clouds or weirdly enough, the opposite block. It’s also my favourite spot to take photos of skies/clouds and also the few range of birds taking shelter/rest in the mini tree outside the kitchen window.

    I’ve been a silent reader of yours for majority of the time, with an exception two or three comments that I’ve submitted.

    I just left my 20s forever and I’m not sure how I feel about it.


  15. I want to know more about all kinds of things and I like to google random stuffs that I hear or see. and tell people random things that they don’t know. Annoying right?

    I want to buy a lot of things and I am ALWAYS lusting over something (bags, shoes, sex, shoes, shoes). lol.

    I love love love love steaks and anything carbs and I don’t know what else to say now because right now all I am thinking of is food…


  16. I hate being a carbon copy. So I tattoo myself crazy and pierced various places.
    I had long hair, until my waist and I chopped it off to a pixie cut.

    I’ve never felt more liberated and different before. :>


  17. I am a 80 years old uncle learning how to surf the Net, and look for unsuspecting preys to feed on.

    Seriously, first time here, and thought I’ll leave a comment here. Know it means alot to get comments after all the effort you spend blogging.


  18. I’m ah lian looking from what others judged.
    But i dont think im any way close.

    And when i said im a freelance writer, i was greeted with this unconvincing look.

    When i say im a vocalist for 2 english bands,
    all jaws are open.

    When i say i use to be in a bball team and i dont mind sweating it out under the sun.
    People thinks im deceiving.

    When i say i spend less than $100 per month on shopping, they starts scouting for high end brands in my handbag.

    When i say i cant stay out the entire night, i was prompt with ” u sure a not? ”

    Dear Nadia..


  19. I have a super long name that is not mentioned and i love playing the cello:D
    Saving up to get a dslr as i love photography and i wanna take awesome pictures, but people think i will not be able to save up. People think i’m a rich kid but i’m not.


  20. 01 My Full Name is Song Xiufen Jazzerrhynna Dianah :O
    02 It’s pronounced Jazz-er-ree-na, and i hate the spelling
    03 Hates sushi
    04 Love your posts
    05 Loves Majolica Majorca
    06 Repeated my PSLE. I failed. (But who cares? I’m in a stable Marketing job now)

    Post more dearest Nadnut!
    – J


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