tiger tales…

the idiot strikes again! bah. if you’re wondering what he means… remember this… i LOVE steak. 😉

nadnutâ„¢ [mandarin oranges are evurl.] says:
my hair feels like grass

.:tiger:. [ fated not to drive. LOL ] says:
prob cos it’s repayment from the cows!

heard this song from R.E.’s dance routine in the dancefloor yesterday.

if you love me then thank you! if you hate me then fuck you!

but of course, they censored the word fuck. typical. hah! nice! anyone has the song? my personal slogan from now on. hahahahahaa. this should be yours too! 😉


  1. babe, that song is Lady Sovereign’s Love Me or Hate Me and the version mediacorp used was a terrible version! u muz hear the original one. haha!