Sometimes I feel life is just but a routine. You wake up, you go to work/school, you go home and have dinner/meet up with friends for dinner/you work overtime, you go to bed and you get up.

Repeat cycle.

Do you guys get into a “funk” once in a while? I do. And sometimes I do not know how to get out of this “phase”.

I tell myself to look at the brighter side of things. Maybe I should start taking up a new hobby or something. I don’t know. Maybe it’s just another case of the blues.

Ah well.


On another note, remember my advertiser Milly’s? She has started another business called Sabai Jai which specialises in massages. I went over together with Fidelis last week to try out the full body massage. She’s having a promotion right now, so do support her!

Here are some pics!

I’m heading back to try the foot massage soon! My legs have been aching these days. :/

Here’s the price list!

Sabai Jai
Far East Plaza
For appointment call, 8383 5395

Aside from that, Milly’s is having a promotion for both hair extensions and lash extensions and she asked me to help spread the news!

For hair extensions, it’ll be a dollar per strand and if you have at least 150 strands, she’ll be giving you a free hair mask! And if you do at least 250 strands, you’ll get a free hair straightener!

For the lash extensions, she’s offering a package for the Korea lashes, if you purchase 5 lash extensions, you’ll get 1 free!

You can check out what I’ve written about her extensions here! Plenty of pictures there!

For more inquiries, call Milly up! Details below!

Milly’s Hair Lashes Nails
Far East Plaza
For appointment call, 8383 5395

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  1. hi nadnut! i’m thinking of going down to singapore to get extensions too hehe just cos they’re so expensive here. if you get straight ones can you curl it at home?


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