Would you let a pigeon peck at your iPhone?

Tiger showed me this link and I was thinking ‘this guy is crazy!’. I don’t care if it’s a pet pigeon or what but I would not let any bird (or any pet for that matter) to touch my gadgets.

Heck! I don’t even let my cats cat (I must remember that I’m left with one now.) sleep on my laptop. Imagine if that pigeon had turned around and pooped on the iPhone. ECK!

Seriously wtf. (by the way, wtf of the day is random. it’s when i see something WTF, i’ll post it up. feel free to send me stuff that’s wtf to be posted up. use the contact me form!)

2 thoughts on “Would you let a pigeon peck at your iPhone?”

  1. My dog chewed on the edges of a brand new Samsung phone that Nic bought for me during the Merdeka promotion. (This was a few years ago).

    I think he was more heartbroken than me. Oops.


  2. check “invincible shield” for iphone. it fits perfectly ! watch the clip and you will understand why the fella allowed pigeon pecking on his phone. 😀


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