Say Hello! – part of the Singapore Kindness Movement

As we all know, Singaporeans are not the most friendly people around. When I was in Australia, I noticed everyone would greet each other randomly. “Hey, what’s up?”, “How are you doing?”, “Hello!” was dished out frequently. In Singapore, if let’s say a random stranger does that, most of us would be rather wary and assume he wants us to fill up some survey to get our data to sell to banks/insurance agents/fitness clubs who will then hounder you for years to come.

I mean, we have good reason to be wary however maybe we should let down our guard sometimes yea? The Hello Campaign aims to connect Singaporeans socially and is in conjunction with the Singapore Kindness Movement.

Come Saturday, April 11, you’ll see at least 500 youth volunteers stationed at Dhoby Ghaut to say a simple “Hello” to as many strangers as possible. While this might seem as something menial to you, I see it as a small step to changing our society

Do support them if you’re in town on Saturday, say “Hello!”. I’ll probably be away this long weekend and thus, in my part, I’m thinking of posting a picture/video saying “Hello!”. Perhaps you can do the same too! For more information about the Hello Campaign, details are below. 🙂

Date: 11 April 2009
Time: 1 – 4 pm
Official URL:
Facebook Fan Page:

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