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SoyJoy Challenge 2!

Challenge 1: Feed the Office has now come to an end. We have all submitted our listings and let’s just wait and see to see who wins that challenge!

For challenge 2, we’re supposed to take a picture to show how we enjoy SoyJoy best. I did a quick check with Pat and found out that we could do a collage, comic or anything! as long as it’s a single jpg submitted.

Here’s my submission!

Please click to enlarge!

In this entry, I’ve shown a few examples on how to enjoy SoyJoy. You can eat it for every meal!

I mixed it up with cornflakes (using low gi to neutralise the cornflakes) for a yummy breakfast meal,with salad (just replace those bread croutons) for lunch and dipping it with milk (low fat!) for a tasty snack before bedtime.

You can eat SoyJoy in many different ways, like a snack or a main meal and it’s really up to you on how creative you’ll like to be.

Do try it out, mixing with your everyday meal and let me know how it goes! As my blender is spoilt, I couldn’t try making my own SoyJoy drink. Ah well. Do share on any funky recipes that you’ve tried SoyJoy with! 🙂

Thanks to the lovely Colin Tan who has helped me with this challenge. 🙂

Guys, please continue to vote! Voting ends on 28th June. 🙂

7 thoughts on “SoyJoy Challenge 2!”

  1. Hey i tried the raisin and almond (purple) bar and its very nice! taste like fruit cakes! just voted for u! all the best!


  2. Ken: hahaa that’s one of my faves too! Thanks for your vote!

    Ryan: awww thanks bro!

    Aud: Thanks! 2 more challenges coming up!


  3. Nice pics! you looked great and enjoying the Soyjoys! Good luck for your next 2 challenges~!


  4. Angelia: 4 challenges in total! Ogilvy is currently tabulating the listings.. think they’ll be contacting you soon! 😉

    Quen1950: Thanks! Colin and I had fun with the photoshoot! heh


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