Updates on the SoyJoy Competition. – Results of challenges and Lucky Draw prizes

It’s the final lap of the SoyJoy competition and voting will finally end on 28th June. I don’t know about you guys but to me, the voting period was far too long. The agony!

Btw, here are some updates!

Remember Challenge 1? The one where we were giving out free SoyJoys to companies? Everyone please congratulate Eunice! She won Challenge 1 with an astounding 253 companies “collected”. Power lah she! You guys should have received your bars already! If not, they should be in latest end June. If you haven’t heard anything from the SoyJoy peeps, do email me or drop me a comment here! 🙂

Rayner won Challenge 2 with his SoyJoy salad recipe! Have any of you guys tried his yummy recipe?

Challenge 3 results will be announced on Friday. I’m keeping my fingers crossed! I gotta thank all of you for commenting on Challenge 3. I did a bit of counting and here’s a bit of a fun fact:  40% of ppl who commented are bloggers! I know I mentioned that every comment will generate one point for every blogger however there has been some changes by Ogilvy and Otsuka. Instead of one point per comment as mentioned earlier, it’ll be 5 points for the blogger with the most comments, 4 points for the one with the second most comments and so on. You get the idea. We were only notified about this after the challenge has ended. Ah well, anyway thanks a lot for the comments!

[Updates!] Pamela won Challenge 3! I think she did a fine job on this challenge and she really deserves to win it!

Challenge 4 is due this week and while I’m done with the video wayyyyyyyy ages ago, I’m only gonna post it up on Sunday. So keep your eyes peeled for Sunday’s entry!

I’ve collated some items for the lucky draw and I’ve decided, even if I win or not, I’m gonna give out those items. Really appreciate all the help that you guys have rendered. 🙂

I really don’t know how to go about with this lucky draw! Here are the majority of the stuff I’ll be giving away. These are all from myself, everything is brand new. Details of the items will be out another time. If you’ve noticed anything that you like, do indicate your interest.

Aside from that, if you have plugged me or have put up my SoyJoy banner on your blogs, please indicate below too! You’ll get an additional chance in winning those prizes.

I had bought the Nike iPod kit for a very good friend but we aren’t talking anymore so… it’s in the lucky draw too. :/ Ah well.

Guess what? Frenchfleurs saw this post and they were intrigued by it. They have kindly sponsored 3 items for this lucky draw! Here are the items!

My friend Jolene from would also like to contribute 3 items to my lucky draw. WOO HOO!

Please take note that each person can only win one prize and you have to collect them from me. Also, if you like to contribute to my lucky draw, do let me know! :p I know it’s kinda little, sorry guys!

Remember to keep voting yeah? Voting ends on this sunday 2359! Head down to to vote for me!

20 thoughts on “Updates on the SoyJoy Competition. – Results of challenges and Lucky Draw prizes”

  1. Ryan: Awww bro, really appreciate your support. You’ve been supportive of me in everything I do since Poly. thanks man! *hugs*

    euniqueflair: lol Rayner has gazillion votes too! Close fight but a worthy competitor. Really grateful for the support given by everybody. Heh. You did a fine job with the number of comments for challenge 3 too! Power lah u!


  2. I wan music player! I want music player!!! hahaha *cough cough* my birthday is this thursday btw.. whahhahaahaha! And it would fit so perfectly in my arm strap while jogging loor.. *cough cough cough*


  3. hang it there girl! gonna vote for you tomorrow since i’ll be home the whole day!

    **can i join in the lucky draw too? i would love to have the Philips GoGear! :p


  4. Please don’t let me win the Gatsy styling foam, then I’ll have to give it to the boyf. It’s for guys, right?

    Psst: I did put up the banner but only for 2-3 weeks as it apparently conflicts with BlogHer advertisements. *shrugs*


  5. Hi Auntie Nadnut,

    My sister always read your blog and I KPO with her. I hope to win the music player so I can listen to it on my way to school when I go to secondary school.

    I vote for you, your soyjoy competition ok.


  6. oh oh!
    I want the red vaio mouse!

    I’ve got the red vaio, red vaio laptop case but the red vaio mouse was OOS everywhere! Would want that so that I can have the complete set!

    Pretty pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee.

    Thank you! =D


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