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This conversation happened during my confinement period where I was under 1) house arrest 2) tortured to not drink any cold drinks 3) had to hide from my confinement lady.

My confinement lady would nag me to rest rest rest. Thus I’ll hide in my room. As I had a c-section, mobility was a tad tough during the first week thus I would ask Skai aka c(hubby) to bring in my pump stuff or to bring A out to the confinement lady. (He slept in the same room as the CL during my confinement period)

So usually when I needed Skai to carry A, I’ll say “Paging daddy” or “Help needed”. That day, I was feeling a bit cheeky.

The following convo happened :p


Looks like A will have to deal with both Dad and Mum humour when he grows up :p

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