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MJ’s launch at NAC (part 1)! + Nuffnang’s Blood Donation Drive + Nuffnang Christmas Party

Remember this entry?

Yours truly did the Majo Makeover for 2 days and here are the pictures!

Basically there are 3 Makeover models for each demo and they showcased different looks from different chapters which are: Chapter 12, 18 and 21.

The first day I was there, I was surprised that the makeover would be right in front. LOL Everyone was staring at us! *shy*

Here are the pics from day 1: Chapter 18 on me!

Check out the all new Chapter 21’s theme – I am Gorgeous!

Kate, from the training department of MJ and me!

Pretty Jerraine. She’s the marketing person responsible for MJ cum our mamasan!

I absolutely love this eye makeup on me! I’ve been trying to recreate this look but I can’t. Grrr.

Must check out the chapter on MJ website and scrutinise how to do it step by step!

Domo and meh.

A closer look at my eye makeup.

Day 2’s pics will be up in another entry!

After the makeover, I met up with Fidelis to head over to the Blood Donation Drive. Silly old me took a panadol in the morning (because I was suffering from a massive hangover) and I couldn’t donate blood!

Everyone loves DOMO!

We had games and fun in between and I was partnered with this nice guy William (guy in red in the below pic) and we were 2nd place in the lifesize Snakes and Ladders game!

Fun! N for Nuffnang and for nadnut 😛

Randy came up to us and took a pic. He’s so shy! Cute guy!

I wanted to kope this cute Mic for Blogger’s Sweets. 😛

Episode 3 of Blogger’s Sweets is up! Have you seen it?

Since we’re talking about Nuffnang, have you heard that Nuffnang is organising a Blogger Christmas Party? It’ll be on 20th December, 6pm – 10pm at DXO!

vPOST makes me v(ERY) happy because I get to buy anything and everything from other countries without flying there! All thanks to vPOST! For more info on how to sign up, check out this link!

In other news, I’ve created a Facebook page, hope you’ll add yourself as a fan! 🙂


  1. hey nadnut!! your hair look really nice at the makeover!
    Which hair curler product did u use? pls tell me!!!

    and where did u get the snowflake earrings? its gorgeous!

    Hope you’ll reply! ty!!! :):)


  2. bubbles: I don’t know which hair curler the MJ people used 🙁 Was in a bit of a rush and didn’t have time to note down what was the model. Sorry! The snowflake earrings? I got it from a blog shop like a year or 2 ago? Can’t remember where. 🙁 Sorry!