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the accident.

she woke up trembling.

she dreamt of it again. the accident.

it was so clear in her mind. she always saw the same scene. herself in a car. the passenger seat. somehow or rather she couldnt see who was the driver.

they were in a tunnel. she remembered glancing up and watching the lights. suddenly there was a screech and she remembered screaming.

she had that dream every week.

was this a sign? but didnt they say that dreams dont come true?

she was letting the dreams affect her daily life.

everytime she took a cab or was driven, whenever they pass the tunnel, she felt an instant fear.

infact, whenever she board a car, the first she does is fasten her seatbelt.

fear crept into her heart everytime she was passing thru a tunnel. she crept nearer to the handle of the car and found herself at a lost of words.

she wonders if the dream will ever come true. sometimes she wished it will so that it will put an end to her paranoia.

every week her dreams haunt her.

when will it ever end?

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