small caps rule!

as you guys noticed, i love to type with small caps. (except when it comes to work). its something silly but i feel more personal when i do so.

and one thing i absolutely loathe is when people type some words in capital letters to emphasize their point. once twice is ok but when they do it all the time, i swear something snaps in my head.

a pet peeve of mine. silly but true. if its silly stuff like ROAR or vulgarities or some expression, im fine with it but when they use it to emphasize their words e.g. its a MUST to do so. dont you already KNOW? i ALWAYS know.

i feel ready to slam the keyboard. *ren* i think i suffer from ihatecapitallettersyoufuckertitis. its like fuck la! i can read! need you emphasize your fucking words? (when i use the word fuck a lot, it means i am very freaking pissed off)

its just so fucking rudeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. *rant rant rant*

yes, if u havent realised, im still in a pissy mood. partly because im feeling guilty… recently i sent the wrong email to the wrong person. and the contents werent pleasant. argh. caught in the act.

reminder to self: if u wanna bitch, send thru msn not workmail. and always check b4 sending. skali sent to the person u were bitching about.

i shouldnt have gone to work this week. roar! and dont u guys irritate me by commenting what i hate! 

its time to get my own deathnote notebook. 


  1. then i wish u good day & hope ur will be in happy mood. ( p/s nomally i type in cap as it made it easier to see mine own comment, but 4 u i made it an exception )