go away. let me rant.

i’ve been in a pissy mood since yesterday. i was asked to send ticket updates to my colleagues twice a week (which meant i would have to call up the sellers and ask for updates and all) and apparently the big boss wanted more.

she wanted daily updates (wtf?!?! our usual practice is 2 weeks b4 the event then we’ll give daily updates) IN THE FORM OF A FUCKING CHART!

fyi. i do send updates to people who arent very tech-savvy WHO I KNOW WONT BOTHER INTERPRETING CHARTS! they’ll definitely appreciate it clear cut and straight forward.


since yesterday i’ve been tinkering with the tmd excel graphs and yours truly isnt very smart at such stuff. @#^%!

waste of time. if you want me to neglect my MORE IMPORTANT WORK like the marketing collaterals or churning out important packages by calling the tmd sellers everyday and sending tmd charts/graphs everyday, i will.

SUCH STUPIDITY!!!!!!!! and the tmd thing is.. i bet they wont interpret the tmd chart.

idiot. *still in a pissy mood*

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