Friends Pictures
tis post is dedicated to 2 special someones..

their names are pearlynn and mira…

they are people tat always put others first that so many times they themselves are overlooked.

pearl, no matter wat, u’ll always have me =)

dun give a damn about other stuff happening yeah. it may take some time to come but in the end its worthwhile. =)

mira who is in india is the most selfless and kind person in the world that i knoe. she seriously is a sweetie.

i miss her so much. till today she has not replied my email. 🙁

but she has sent a sms to me! =)

am counting down the days till i see her again.


tis 2 sweeties are one of the most important ppl i have met in my life. im thankful for them.

and i love them! (not in the lesbian way..)

if u care for someone, let them knoe!

i miss u mira!!!! and pearl, see u soon wor!

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