the bloody long weekend part one

it seems that i have disappeared from blogging for a bit. (cause i usually blog around 3 times a week) that is because of the bloody long weekend i had.

i have not touched my computer since i left work on friday… too tired to do so.

what happened?

we “celebrated” fey’s (a barfly from the cowboybar birthday in zouk. rather amazing that i turned up because…

– i couldnt drink (because i was on medication and i promised a certain someone i wont drink)
– i dont particularly like house music (i am more of a r&b or hip-hop kinda girl)

so i met celeste and gracey rather early for dinner and turned up at zouk say 9ish….

but the birthday boy wasnt there! *glares*

he came sashaying with his rather nice ‘dragon robe’ close to 11. not shy hor! more and more barflies turned up… fatkitten, pensivetabby, curiousgeorge, tigerkiller, paikia, young, missy, cowgoesmoo, jesuafreak…

dunno if i missed out anyone.. hmmm

so the party started…

they drank and drank.

while i stared and stared. NABEI! i wanna drink! fortunately curiousgeorge couldnt drink too, so i had company 😉

crazy little things happened like pouring the drinks (with no mixers) into one’s throat for 5 seconds. *shakes head*

cg, cow and i retreated to a nice corner. our little ‘non alcoholic corner’.

could see the people getting high/drunk… so this is how it looks like eh? first time, im watching the fun instead of joining the fun… rather scary though..

then i saw a certain “naddie” (not me hor!) bringing a tray of tequila shots! nabei! like brother like sister! got same taste.

poor birthday boy was being hooted by everyone.

basically, photos were taken, drinks were drunk, some were high, some sobered up, some puked, some were sober but mostly…

some had fun. (i guess)


basically, after watching the whole drinking “event”, i decided to cut down drinking. no more less getting drunk and wasted. =)

happy birthday fey!

collage of pics

did i mention that i need a payraise?


11 thoughts on “the bloody long weekend part one”

  1. Haha thank you dear! It wasn’t that bad, was it? It most certainly wasn’t my worst… Heh

    And DF… You dare doubt me?!!


  2. muahaha.. and i was one of the sober ones….!!!

    fey is *ahem* loousy…*ahem*


    p/s: how come you have peeektures already? i want tooo..


  3. cow, cg> scary sia!

    darkelfin> is that a threat or a promise? 😛

    fey> 🙂 wait till ur 21st birthday! hahaa

    fatkitten> still got another clutch? wah!

    ruok> yeah man! drinking makes us stupid..

    sunshin3> lol. “fun”.

    paikia> nabeh blood brother! say me! i was on antibiotics lah!

    missy> fk sent to me!


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