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Review: Fancl’s Mutenka Whitening Range

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The kind folks from Fancl invited me down to the launch of their Mutenka Whitening Range, which is the first out of six of it’s Mutenka new skincare lines.

As someone who is having her wedding photoshoot in end May, I am extremely obsessed with whitening at the moment and was pleased to be invited for their launch.

I was given a generous number of items to sample and here’s my reviews.

Singapore Lifestyle Blog, Singapore Lifestyle Blogger, Singapore Beauty Blog, Singapore Beauty Bloggers, Fancl, Fancl Reviews, Fancl Mutenka, Fancl Whitening range, nadnut n

Background info, there are two versions here, one is for oily skin while the other is for combination, normal, and dry skin. The set that I’m reviewing is for combination, normal and dry skin.

Step 1: Hydrate | Outer Care | Whitening Lotion | $36.00 for 30ml
Whitening Lotion effectively delivers whitening beauty ingredients deep into skin and suppresses the generation of melanin, maximizing visible whitening results. I personally feel that the lotion gives a rather moisturing effect for me.

Step 2: Nourish | Outer Care | Whitening Essence | $65.00 for 18ml
Whitening Essence is an intensive care essence that provides immediate whitening results three times faster than Vitamin C. Use twice a day to nourish and improve skin’s radiance by suppressing, lightening, and preventing dark spots, bringing skin to a whole new level of fairness. I tend to get some freckles and dark spots, and after using the Whitening Essence, I felt that they have improved greatly!

Step 3: Intensive Care | Outer Care | Whitening Mask | $65.00 for a pack of 6 sheets
Let skin experience a miracle with a Whitening Mask packed with beauty ingredients equivalent to one bottle of whitening essence. The unique triple rayon and pulp structure results in a highly smooth mask that hugs skin snugly, providing an intense and luxurious whitening treatment. Skin is reborn smoother, softer and fairer, faster. The mask was really moisturing!

Step 4: Veil | Outer Care | Whitening Emulsion or Whitening Cream | $36.00 for 30ml and $55.00 for 18g respectively
As a final step, these whitening moisturizers create a veil to seal in whitening ingredients for longer lasting whitening effectiveness. These moisturizers are tailor-made for the various skin types. For oily to combination skin, use Whitening Emulsion I for a refreshing feel; and for normal to dry skin, use Whitening Emulsion II to deeply moisturize skin; and for very dry skin, use Whitening Cream for an intense moisturizing effect. Doesn’t leave a very oily after feeling. I like that the emulsion is quickly absorbed.

Step 5: Sustain | Inner Care | White Advance | $46.50 for 30-day supply
A daily inner whitening care that nurtures skin fairness from within for a healthy and even skin tone. This oral supplement encourages the production of fair melanin and suppresses the production of dark melanin over a sustained period. Formulated with Oleuropein, an Olive Leaf Extract derivative, White Advance prolongs the whitening effects of Hydroxytyrosol to lighten dark melanin for lasting skin luminosity. Have started taking this. Yet to see any difference though!

As a huge fan of Fancl, I would be more willing to part with my moolah for their items. While I have yet to see any remarkable difference, I think one time supply will not be able to see any visible results. (If so, it would be priced way more!) Even the Fancl Tense Up drink, I took about a 6 months supply to see a difference. In any case, the products are easily absorbed and super moisturing to me.

Do try it for yourself and let me know how’s your feedback!

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