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Review: Circles.Life


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.

Carrie had loaned me a Circles.Life plan for the past 3 months and I’ve been testing it out. Here are some thoughts on my experience.


1. Network.

Circles.Life uses the M1 network (which I’m a current user). As such, I didn’t face any difference from my current telco and Circles.Life. As what I shared previously with my fellow Punggolians, I don’t face any downtime and my coverage is fine. It’s 3-4 bars out of 5, same as what I face with M1.

2. Flexibility.

I like the fact that I can customise my plans. Add more data, reduce minutes and sms-es anytime. I can choose to “upgrade” or “downgrade” anytime and not be fixed to a specific “plan”. If this month, I need more data, all I have to do is just pay for additional data. Easy peasy!

3. Pay for what you use.

Most mobile plans comes with a set number of minutes and sms-es. I hardly use them. Like I use LINE or Whatsapp most of the time. With Circles.Life, you’ll need not be bogged down with “set meals” anymore.

4. No contracts.

No commitments. Forget about being stuck in a clingy relationship. The good thing about Circles.Life is you can say bye anytime.

5. They’ll deliver it to you.

After applying online, they’ll courier the sim card to you. Which is awesome. Just take note not to miss the courier as you’ll be billed for a re-delivery fee.

This is just my experience with Circles.Life so far. I’m not paid in anyway to write and I’m honestly just reviewing this for a good friend. If you sign up, use this referral code “20FREE” and get $20 off your Circles.Life registration fee. Enjoy!


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