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that juicy, hot, thick slab of meat!

while waiting for the batam pics, here’s a nad review. heh.

the last time i visited hog’s breath cafe was a looooong time ago. when i found out that uob cards had a 1-for-1 offer for hog’s breath, i had to go visit them again!

after visiting barffie’s pussies, tiger and me seduced barffie and jeffwee into having a foursome. afterall, barffie and i wanted to have some thick slabs of juicy hot meat.


we went to hog’s breath cafe at holland v.

3 of us ordered the new york grill. while tiger, ever wanting to be different, ordered the text-mex.

the delish new york grill.

a closer look. are you feeling hungry?

tiger’s text-mex.

the hog tail fries are gooooooooooooooood.

the steak wasnt medium rare-ish enough for me. felt like medium. but that’s just me. anal about my medium rare. :P. personally i tot it was so-so. value for money. afterall we paid quite little. 😛 but tiger didnt like the place nor the food. lol. looks like i can rule this place out of our “paktor-places”.

nadnut’s rating (in terms of service, ambience, taste & pricewise):

try it out and let me know what do you think about it. 🙂

Hog’s Breath Cafe (Holland V)
267 Holland Avenue
Singapore 278989
(t) 6 466 0145

6 thoughts on “that juicy, hot, thick slab of meat!”

  1. I was comtemplating this place to go during my last trip back to SG but decided against it after receiving less then good reviews.

    Like you, I am also very particular about my med-rare. A rare (no pun intended) thing (perfect med-rare) to find in SG.


  2. Rachel: It’s just too big a chunk. I got bored of chewing at it 🙁
    3 times I went 3 times I wasn’t that satisfied.


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