Only idiots would wear bright pink to funerals.

Somebody just asked me to follow him to a colleague’s dad’s funeral during lunch time. The thing is I’m wearing BRIGHT FUCKING PINK and it’s a buddhist funeral.

So I told him I don’t wanna go because of the colour I’m wearing. Later he shot back at me saying if I don’t wanna go just say I don’t wanna go and don’t come out with excuses about the colour I’m wearing.

So I shot back at him that I don’t wanna go BECAUSE I’m not comfortable going to a funeral in the colour of clothes I’m wearing.

Am I wrong to saying so? Is there a need to almost FORCE someone to go? Seriously only IDIOTS would wear BRIGHT COLOURS to funerals. Even if it’s all about ‘the thought that counts’, it’s all about respect too.

If some people had BOTHERED to tell me EARLIER, I would have came in the correct colours.

Whatever man.

add: not only was I wearing bright pink, I also had bright pink nail polish on. I did some thinking after this incident and decided I shall make some changes. I don’t see any reason in being unhappy with such people and I rather spend the time doing things I like instead of stupid things. Updates soon.


  1. Haiz babe, some people are just so STUPID! This is about the respect to the family members too. Why not you ask him to wear a bright RED top & red jeans when he is going down later. *Bleh*


  2. you are right, it’s not appropriate to wear bright colors to a funeral. perhaps he/she just didn’t want to be at the funeral alone.


  3. thr was once i met my fren at the bus stop n i asked whr he was gg. he said he’s gg to a fren’s grandma’s wake n i jus casually said oh, y r u carrying a yellow bag? he was like ‘ya hor…’and looked at himself from head to toe. immediately he dashed bk to his rm to change to a dull colour bag! I was still at the bus stop cos the stupid bus took damn long to arrive and I saw he with a ‘changed’ bag! This is basic courtesy and a little respect plus the thot tt counts =)


  4. You made the right decision. By saying that, he’s insensitive to the family and culture and disrespectful of your decision. Hugs. Ignore such idiots.


  5. Same for me. If i’m not in the right “color” i’ll not attend such things too. Its just not right lah.

    Or ask him to buy a new dress for u in the right color lah. 😛


  6. Since your office is near Orchard, ask him for time and budget to shop for appropriate funeral attire so that he won’t have to go alone.


  7. Ya Attire for funeral cannot be bright for sombre event.

    btw why he got angry when u dun go wif him? Unless U noe tat collegue’s father.

    nadnut: i don’t know that colleague’s dad and i only knew that colleague for less than 2 months. i don’t know what’s his problem seriously and i think his reaction was really uncalled for.


  8. hi girl! actually i agree i wont feel good to go funerals wearing bright colours. but if u go last without getting informed of the event, its forgivable because, no one informed u! 🙂

    well, i recently had a i-donno-who relative wore bright pink tshirt to my recent grandma’s funeral. b4 that his family had to go to a wedding, so its forgivable 🙂


  9. Looks like from now on we must always wear sombre colours only so we can be ready for such incidents :p

    But in all seriousness, I think it is only appropriate to show up in the “correct” colours as a sign of respect.


  10. I think that since you dont know the colleague well, there is really no reason to go anyway.. For me, i usually just give the “bai jin” money to whoever is going..

    I think for the guy, he is just mistaken that you dont want to go.. cos he probably feel that you should go and change something or get a jacket to cover the pinkness or whatever, if u really intend to go.. just tell him that you actually will go only if u are free and feel right about going.. Tell him back nicely loh.. he should not take it other way.. Since he did, he is probably bad in EQ in the first place anyway..


  11. gal, u were DAMN right to decline to go that day. (perhaps go another day when in the right attire?)

    cos back then when my great grandma passed away, my grandaunt came to pay her respect in bright red (dunno wtf she thinking) & end up getting scolded like mad & shoo-ed away by my uncles.


  12. thank you all for your support. i thought he was unprofessional and the remarks and raised voices were uncalled for.

    bosses these days should reflect on their behaviours. its hard to respect a person like that.