thanks for de concern people. dun wanna tok abt it. act all cheery when i do go out. juz pains me when i reach home and my beloved pet is not here.

sorry if i neva replied ur tags/sms/msn/icq/calls.

anyway, im going overseas today (1st july). will be away for some time. good thing too. wun be home to miss him.

no souveniors. sorry. sudden cut in budget. 🙁 … thus budget trip. prolly more sightseeing than shopping.

on a lighter note, i got tis from dear for our 11 months anniversary

its name : up to you

and i got tis finally. 5.1 megapixel. im in heaven. except i rather give tis away to have my pet back for one day to pass away in my arms.

sorry for lack of updates. but u juz gotta get it from others or wait.


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