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wat has been going on?

celebrated ange’s bdae on thurs… ate yummy thai soup. went double o.

took mc. went for dream job interview. flunked interview. had super big strawberry.

went for last salsa class. signed up for next module. went to watch movie.

kingdom of heaven. good show. went for drinking session with ariel and kenny.

came home in de wee hours. woke up at 4pm next day.

hahahaa. thats de sweet and short recep of wat happened.

now de long one… 😛

went to meet clique to celebrate ange’s bdae… had yummilicious tom yam soup at thai express… was funny to see pearl trying desparately to finish her soup..

de sweetie was suprised by a bouquet for flowers by her ever so loving jack jack!

we got her a cake too. hahaa. went to aquadisiac to chill. nice live band. i bet angie will always remember de song ‘anything for angeline’.

went off to double o after tat. and kenny lost his wallet! with my ic inside!!!!!

thank god, de bouncer got it. argh. will neva trust mr kenny chan wiv my ic anymore.

went for an interview. screwed it. (i think). oh well.

my colleague brought strawberries for all of us! super big. yum!

had my last salsa class. so difficult! cant get the cross body lead move with left turn. jia lat! muz practice more. signed up for next module already!

went to catch a movie with kenny. kingdom of heaven. hmmmm. de war between the christians and the muslims..

hmmm. so much faith in god. anyway, divert topic a bit. some ppl asked why did i become a free thinker.

why shouldnt i? i dun believe in de religion. why continue being a muslim, when i do not pray, i drink and i eat pork. aint it more insulting allah?

juz like some christians and catholic i know. they dun follow the religion, they dun go to church and yet they call themeselves christians and catholics.

juz like someone i knoe. he doesnt go church coz he wants to sleep in. -_-“

if u wanna be in de religion, respect it. i hate seeing muslims who does all that Islam does not condone and yet call themselves muslim.

call urself a muslim/buddhist/christian/catholic/etc when u believe in it. if u dont, ur juz insulting god.

end of divert of topic.

drove around looking for dinner places. debated over little india, bukit merah, 85, serangoon gardens.

in de end we ended at this ampang yong tau hoo place.

we even wanted to go night safari. super spontaneous man. =P

however decided to go after getting some free tickets. lol. last minute decided on a drinking session. lol. drove to east coast. played silly games like 5,10 and de slapping game, chi ko pak and all those.

even practised salsa moves. came back in de wee hours of de morning and onlie got up at 4pm the next day.

it has been a long time since i felt so spontaneous and carefree. life does go on.

juz finished a new layout. pics of ppl who matter to me. ^-^

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