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One thing I love about being unemployed is…

Actually spending time with the parental units.

Ever since my attachment time in poly, I’ve been working in fast paced jobs like events, travel, advertising & promotions and public relations. I never really had time to really bond with them nor much with tiger. I used to only meet tiger like once a month during my busy times?! Madness.

Then I started school and started getting busier.

All I did on days when I did not have class was eat dinner infront of the TV then and went off to the com and started working on my assignments or blog or talk to friends on MSN.

I never really felt the void in my life.

Till I decided to quit my then job to concentrate on my studies. To be honest, balancing work (which is longer hours than a normal 9 – 5 job since the *cough* ex boss wanted me to work after working hours too. till like 1am?! on weekdays and weekends too! wtf.) plus studies plus filming plus all these events was taking a toll on me.

Something has got to give. And since I didn’t feel that whatever I did at my then current job wasn’t what I wanted to do in future plus the fact I see myself having to skip classes when THE event happens plus well, the ‘fantastic’ rapport I had with the ex-boss, I decided I rather be happy. Though at times I feel like such a failure for studying full time. 🙁 I don’t know… everyone is working and earning moo-lah and I’m a full time student. Oh well.

Which is a good thing cause well, my exam results are back and let’s just say, Australia and all these events have taken a toll on my studies. After a bit of crying and moping for 1 or 2 hours, I decided to look on the brighter side of things and just well, buck up.

I’ll be juggling killer mods next semester and this time I AM going to make things right. It WILL be my last semester. Nothing else is gonna get in my way. I can’t afford any screw-ups anymore and one screw-up is enough. And boy was it costly!

Anyway I divert again…

Now that I’m unemployed, to be exact a full time student who is on holidays till end July, I have been spending more time at home. I actually have time to talk to my mum, to go out with her, to actually talk to my dad and actually bond with the cat who hates me. It may be little mundane things like following them around or going for movies and makan sessions with the mum or just bickering with the dad over how oily he cooks his beehoon (really! omg. it’s horribly oily!) or just petting the cat.

I thought I was making progress with the cat till I found out he chewed my bread thru the plastic. (which by the way, was my lunch for the whole week!)

I wished I could have studied full time earlier. (I always wanted to but I always seem to have a better job offer then. bah) I would have been a much happier person then but it’s never too late. 🙂

There is more to life than working or studying or partying. Please cherish the people around you before it’s too late to do so. And I’m glad I made this choice. I’m much happier now. Well, happiness does comes with a price, the lack of moo-lah but I’m glad to give it up (for now) in exchange for their and my happiness.

Well, it’s back to the corporate working world once I’m done with my degree. I hope this post will serve as a reminder to me to never neglect the people around me. And well, that includes the horrible cat too.

7 thoughts on “One thing I love about being unemployed is…”

  1. after 7 years of employment, i am so looking forward to having no job.

    well, technically i’m still working but only on project basis and i have no boss to answer to. 🙂


  2. actually… i felt happy when i was unemployed for a few months to concentrate on exams… though results nt out, i m crossing my fingers… w a little confidence… but the toll of nt earning money n feeling useless caught up n i m back to work… 🙁


  3. you have a new cat?! cool! 😀

    where did it come from?! i thought your one and only one passed away already.. ><

    nadnut: i had 2 cats, one female and one male. the female (oldest one) passed away in april and i’m left with the stucked up atas male cat.


  4. best wishes from me to you!
    and oh…let me know when ur free.
    then i can meet you to get my bk and the oh so long ago perth trip photos!


  5. It’s a vicious cycle. After a while you’ll be so bored. Parents and cats will be driving you so crazy the you wished to be back working. Rinse. Repeat.


  6. i also wish i can do the same!! it’s very tiring to school and hsve long working hours. i know how it feels. too bad, i got no moolah to cover for my living expenses. so it’s working and schooling for now.


  7. Take care girl :)!!!! Don’t need to feel ashamed about studying full-time, should enjoy the ride instead wor :D! Good luck :)!!!!


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