Thought of the day.

Thought of the day: If we are no longer friends in real life, why are we still friends on FaceBook?

What do you guys think? Do you delete friends off Facebook since you guys are no longer friends in real life?

3 thoughts on “Thought of the day.”

  1. Thoughts from Manila. I delete people who only got friends with me in the beginning and then grow cold afterwards, I don’t like my list flooded with people who are indifferent or just there just because. I guess people don’t really notice at all if they’re deleted or not, especially if they have so many on their lists they can’t keep up anymore. Or, they just don’t care.


  2. Nowadays, as I’ve observed and I’m sure many of us have realize, there’s a lot of people treating Facebook as a ground to compete who has the most friends. I once asked my girl friend does she know this person on her friend list, she told me “no.” then i proceed on to asking her why is that person her “friend” then? She just replied “i accept anyone who adds me.”.

    But for me, I receive friend request from friends of friends’, but I do not accept them unless I know them in person. And if their just acquaintances, I usually limit the amount of information that they can see. I keep them in my list to remember who they are in case one day we need each other for work etc.


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