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All good things will come to an end?

As some of you long time readers may know… My blog was never always about the happier things in life. It used to be a rather emo and dark blog. Filled with cynical thoughts, unhappy me and all. As the years passed by, I became happier in a certain extent.

I learnt to let go, and to be happier with myself. Thus I moved my blog to be more of a lifestyle blog rather than a very personal blog. Happier nadnut = less emo posts?

But recently, I’ve been feeling afraid. For some reason… Things have been good so far, I’m happy, way too happy. Just have a bad feeling that things will screw up soon. Why do I feel this way? I’m scared to feel too happy, it’s as if I’m afraid that the happiness is a farce or that it’ll be snatched away soon. It’s as if I’m afraid I’ll jinx things.

Do you guys feel the same way too?

6 thoughts on “All good things will come to an end?”

  1. Yeah you can never be too sure about the things in life. However, wondering about how long you get to enjoy the good things in life and whether you deserve them or not is not healthy either.

    My advice would be to just enjoy every single good moment that you have to the fullest, whilst being kind to others and your loved ones. Even when things don’t go your way, at least you’d still have them around to support you. 🙂


  2. life isnt always a bed of roses. i like to think that there must be a reason behind every less-than-desirable/fortunate thing that happens, because it helps me move on (and for one, it is after those experiences that we witness the most personal growth). we cant control what is to happen tomorrow, so live in the present and treasure every happy moment you have right now. dont be afraid to be happy, but remember to be thankful for everything you have!:)

    p.s. im a pretty new reader and was totally surprised by how cynical you sound in this post! so unlike you! haha!:D


  3. Yes I do too. It’s like an impending sense of doom, an underlying feeling that you can’t be so lucky or so blessed to always be happy right?

    I’m tending to think this comes from having been disappointed in the past, when the good things didn’t quite last long, so you feel that at the end of it, something bad’s gonna happen, as they always did or used to do.


  4. Yes. I feel the same way. When things seem too good to be true, I start feeling afraid. I start to look out for signs that something might be going wrong soon.

    I start to read too much into things and I start to be pessimistic in preparation for whatever bad that is going to happen so that I don’t get too hurt or sad when it really happens. It’s a bad habit I am trying to change cos it hurts the people around me.

    This is one of the reasons why I stopped blogging and I stopped my Facebook account for a short while cos I wanted to be known as a happier person instead of someone who is cynical and angry most of the time.

    Like you, I am learning everyday to feel blessed, to be a happier person, to appreciate all the good things that come my way. Hang in there babe! This time round, maybe the happiness is here to stay!


  5. I find your post to be very relatable. This song may describe your feelings? Anyway,hope you enjoy it:

    Today I feel surrounded
    Today I am connected
    Today I am a part of something more
    As if every cell were singing
    Still, I can’t embrace it
    Every silver lining has a cloud
    But not so far
    I keep waiting for the shoe to drop
    Waiting for the axe to fall
    And it will happen
    This I know
    Just not so far

    Today I feel like dancing
    I never fell like dancing
    It’s like even the weather suits my mood
    My entire soul is ringing
    Still, I can’t accept it
    I keep looking for the thing to bring me down

    Though I can’t explain my reasons to you
    I think we are the same


  6. How about thinking that when bad things occurred, there will be good things that come after it because it doesn’t last long too ! 😀


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