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#nadskai will be collecting their keys tomorrow!!!!

You’ve probably read about my blog posts about my upcoming BTO. Initially slated for completion in the 3rd quarter this year, we were so excited to find out that we would be collecting our keys tomorrow! (On a side note, everyone used to tell us that we would be able to collect our keys ONE YEAR before completion. BLUFF ONE!)


We’ll be wiping our CPF tomorrow. **GROANS**

and also checking out our place tomorrow! We are not pantang where we’ll have an auspicious date to ‘open’ the doors. I left it to Skai aka c(hubby) to decide on whatever he wanna do. e.g. play bowling with a pineapple or something like that.

I’ll definitely be detailing on what to do after receiving the keys! Do check out my entry on that soon! Aside from that, I’ve also engaged professional services to check our defects of our BTO on this coming Saturday.

After reading all the news about the crazy amount of defects in HDBs, we thought that it is better to just engage the professional services. Better to be safe than sorry!

More updates coming soon!  And for those who were wondering… we haven’t engaged a Contractor or an Interior Designer yet! More about that soon!

Can’t wait to be homeowners tomorrow!!!!

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