nadnut dumps tiger over WOW.

I was reading this article that Nic had kindly forwarded to me. Basically its about an ex-employee (from blizzard wor!) who had enough of her husband’s addiction of WOW (sounds familiar?) that she decided that she had enough of his nonsense.

click here to read the article.

This sounds familiar! But if i would to dump tiger, it would be because of WOW AND dota.

I remember last Valentine’s Day when tiger was just returning from Australia. He told me that he has this GREAT idea of what to buy for me for V-Day.

So he came back and told me all about his GREAT idea.

Basically he wanted to get me WOW so that we can play WOW together and spend quality time in WOW dating.


Is this a great V-Day gift to you? Ok, It would be cool if I actually had time to breathe apart from school and work and if I had no social life.

Ok, all the geeks, nerds and freaks (freaks are people obsessed with manga) are gonna hate me now.

Thank god he didn’t try to pull the same shit this year else…. I’ll KILL HIM!

6 thoughts on “nadnut dumps tiger over WOW.”

  1. I play WOW. So oes my boyfriend. Just that he gets a tad too obsessive sometimes and forget the entire world. And thats when i get pissed. lol.


  2. WOAHAHAHAH. Luckily Jeffwee doesn’t do WOW but he goes through different games fairly quickly. He gets obsessed sometimes but he will limit his hours. *phew*


  3. MUAHAHAHAHHAA. Thank God Gabe doesn’t play WOW or I’ll kill him too. HAHA! 🙂

    He only plays PS2 and Wii. At least I can play that too. MUAHAHAH!!!! HAHA.


  4. oh dear, I hope Tiger don’t eat me alive. I forwarded the article to you not because of Tiger lah… I won’t state the obvious here 🙂


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