so far, i have been eating quite well and am not feeling any pain at the moment but these few days, my wound is starting to feel itchy. extremely itchy. argh.

i cant wait to eat solid food again. swallowing food whole is no joke. i have a big ulcer because of that. thats because i keh-kiang wanna eat fries. yes, i swallowed. *winks*

i am feeling the stress now from schoolwork. must piah project by saturday. argh. i hate journal articles. am feeling so rusty doing reports and feeling so dumb. bah. thank god i managed to hit it off with my group mates as i have no kaki to study with me already. i didnt realised that i have turned to be such a pessimist when it comes to the matters of the heart till having a little discussion with my school mates. oh dear.

argh. itchy wound. argh argh argh. will be removing the stitches on wed, hope it wont be painful.

tomorrow mission xmas shopping. i MUST finish it all. MUST MUST MUST. i pity the wallet already.

its a week to xmas. but i dont feel jolly at all. oh well.

argh. itchy itchy itchy!

4 thoughts on “post-op”

  1. Gracey is right about itchiness’ link with seafood especially shell fish or anything from the sea that turns red when you cook it.

    As for removing of stitches, it is very simple, quick and fast. No pain at all. So don’t worry about it.


  2. There’s a saying that if u feel itch, it’s coz it’s going to heal soon 🙂 Bear with it. I’d been there hehe…


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