did a love quiz which i took from geraldine’s blog…

click here to do the quiz.

my interpretations,

1. You are attracted to those who are warm and obedience.

2. In the process of courtship, the approach that would make you
feel irresistable is straight-forward, just tell you he/she
loves you.

3. The impression you would like to give to your lover is stylish.

4. You don’t like it when your partner is insecure.

5. The kind of relationship you would like to build with your
partner is one that you care not only about the present but
also the future with your partner, a long-lasting relationship
that you can grow with.

6. You care about the society and morality, you won’t do anything
wrong after marriage.

7. You think of marriage as a precious thing. Once you get married,
you’ll treasure it and your partner very much.

8. At this moment, you are quite self-centered; you think of love as
something you can get and trash anytime you want.


another quiz i did! click here to take de quiz, some cooking stuff…

my interpretations…

Who’s Your Celebrity Chef Match?

Nadia, your celebrity chef match is Emeril Lagasse

Bam! When it comes to whipping up something in the kitchen, you’re rarely afraid to kick it up a notch. That’s why your celebrity chef match is Emeril Lagasse, the king of notch-kicking. While some may be a little intimidated by cooking and recipes, you tend to have fun in the kitchen (and in life), throwing caution (and sometimes even recipes) to the wind. After all, it’s only food.

To you, the most important thing is to have a good time, which is why you probably enjoy sharing your culinary enthusiasm with friends and family. When you do entertain, you have a knack for throwing a little heart into everything you prepare — and there’s no better ingredient in the world.

Expert chefs know the key to cooking is to make the most of every experience.

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