hospitals are depressing.

spent 5 hours there just accompanying my mum today. i hate the feeling after surgery when there’s no one there with you and you’re just drifting in and out of consciousness and not knowing what’s going on.

i’m glad that the hospital staff was kind enough to let me stay till a lil bit after midnight. i wish i could stay overnight just to hold her hand thruout the night. suddenly i noticed her wrinkles, her white hair and how tired she has become.


it seems like time passed so fast. in a blink of an eye, we’ve all aged so much.

back to the hospital tomorrow. hope i’ll be able to study there. exams next week and i havent even started! apologies for the lack of updates in the meantime. (have scheduled one soon though)

i hope she’ll recover quickly. i’ll give her 10 years off mine anytime just to see her healthy. where’s the devil (to sell my soul) when i need one?

3 thoughts on “hospitals are depressing.”

  1. babe, hope that ur mom gets well soon. *hugz* this must be a pretty bad period for you. my aunt and grandma are both pretty ill as well so i get how you feel. take care of yourself dear!


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