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my humps! lumps!

my lump, my lump, my lovely little lump!

not so lovely actually. what exactly happened was… i woke up yesterday with an itch on the area between my lowerlip and chin. everything seemed alright, i rushed to work and all.

later in the day, it seemed that the area is swollen. there is now a swollen lump of a width of minimum 2cm. when i move my chin (like make weird facial gestures), the area hurts and when u touch it, it definitely hurts.

showed it to the boss and she told me it should be a pimple. which was weird cause my face don’t usually have pimples due to its desert condition (aka super dry skin) and nothing as big as this.

it looks like a mosquito bite and its rather hard when you prod it.

i decided to sleep on it just incase it really was a pimple and i was probably worrying for nothing.

today i woke up and that damn lump (f**kng ugly lor!) is still there. i did some research on the net and it seems it could either be pimple/acne or a sebaceous cyst. i’m hoping its a f**king big pimple. if its getting any bigger, i’m going to the doc.


please ignore my ugly features. grrr. focus on the damn lump. do you think that’s a pimple?

anyone had this problem before?

12 thoughts on “my humps! lumps!”

  1. nope, but i’ve had pimples before. does that help? 😀

    and never check health-related stuff on the internet. it’ll just show you the worst case secenario and make you all paranoid. :p


  2. That is not a pimple for sure. once i got a similar cas, got a mosquito on my forehead n it became a big lump, at first i thought its pimple… but commonsense will tell u that its not.. coz it will not grow to such a big lump. so look at thr pic….. Its not a pimple. So i think u better go to a doc n check it out.


  3. better go see your doctor. Same similiar as me before but not chin. It is only a minor issue. DUn worry! It will be healing slowly when using a cream prescribed by the doctor. 🙂


  4. erm, it sounds a little sadistic but what i will do is to use a sharp cosmetic needle and try to poke through it to see if any pus comes out. otherwise it’s safer to see a doctor since you say it hurts.

    oh by the way, pls do update ur bloglink coz i’ve already changed my url. in case you do not know, a 40 yr old guy has already taken over my link so i cannot retrieve it back anymore.


  5. thats not a pimple!

    i had something like tat too, its insect bite, and the skin got infected, need antibiotics to reduce the swelling and pain… hope u are better! 🙂


  6. most likely a pimple I currently got one on my nose it hurts like f**k when i sneeze and my mom had one when she was 16 and she popped it and it was like spittin a loogie she said so dun worry and if you get to see a head on it pop it if you can take the pain and aren`t grossed out by puss..Yuck!!!!


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