i heart chips!

updates on the lump. on saturday, the swelling has went down, to half its size and by sunday, its barely visible. i am definitely sure it is not a pimple and it seems like an insect bite. anyway its almost gone, so that saves a trip from the doc and the disgusting meds.

anyway, i have an addiction. a baaaaad addiction. and its called potato chips addiction! grrr. i missed australia chips so much that i went to buy from candy empire. a paltry 100g for 3.95. ex ex!

been guzzling the chips non-stop… its no wonder i seem to gaining more and more weight. argh. HELP! get those chips away from me!

update @ 10.40pm: just broke a mirror. how suay. 7 years of fat bad luck


  1. Hey babe I sure hope ur lump, ur lump ur lump ur lump is better. i want those chips too…boo but i can’t! Since I got an oven I shld go try baking some of my own low fat chips! slurp!

    MY DARN CAMERA is spoilt! So no pictures of all my recent bakings. argh.