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update on birthdae celebration!

yesterday, feb 4th was pearl’s bdae…

since i would be in bangkok on my bdae, we had a dual celebration! hee…
we went fish&co for dinner… then they bluffed us say go mad monks’ when actually we went to play reverse bungee! their treat! wao kaoz! i was wearing a skirt!! lucky neva show anything… lol… was an embarrasing moment for pearl though… reverse bungee was fast! real fast! nice experience… then we went to a pub to chill.. guys played pool, we gals chill and chat… lol… i was worrying about expenses… seems tat i’m in deep debt due to bangkok and everything… sighz… played some truth and dare and headed home… thanks guys for de bungee~

many many thanks to de ppl involved! :

off to fish and co!

wat should i order? hmmmm…

after much debating, i decided on de fish and chips!

let’s tuck in!

birthdae brownie and ice cream

one last look at fish&co and its surroundings…

de birthdae babes!

reverse bungee liaoz!

more pics will come after G and pearl send me their pics! thanks babe!!!!!

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