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My fillers experience at EHA Clinic

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I was invited by the team from MyFatPocket to share my personal experience with fillers not too long ago. Here’s my take!

I had fillers done a few months ago! As some of you guys may know or may have noticed, I have dark eye circles and eye bags.

nadnut narathaiEnjoying drinks with my #Punggolians!


While I have used numerous of eye creams, it seems that my efforts were all futile. Decided to try fillers again to help with my eye bags. I could use concealer to help with my dark eye circles but nothing to help with the eye bags…

 photo nadia_eha_eyetrough_1_zpsl80o2oeu.jpg

Hello EHA Clinic! Visited Dr Elias Tam like 3-4 years ago and had a great experience with him. They shifted from The Heeren to Shaw Plaza now.

   photo nadia_eha_eyetrough_2_zpsdnpshvuu.jpg

The kind nurses helped to remove my makeup on my skin (save for my eyeliner on my upper eye lids and lipstick).

 photo nadia_eha_eyetrough_3_zpsayikweoy.jpg

 photo nadia_eha_eyetrough_4_zps4yp4i67i.jpg

And also did a scan of my face.

 photo nadia_eha_eyetrough_6_zpshhlbbsdw.jpg

 photo nadia_eha_eyetrough_8_zpsfxvdiszr.jpg

Here, I talked to Dr Elias Tam about my woes and what I needed help with. He diagnosed that I needed fillers at a few strategic areas below my eyes to help fill up some sunken areas.

 photo nadia_eha_eyetrough_9_zps4ojcwfdm.jpg

Posing with the product before the procedure. The nurses had applied numbing cream before the procedure so that it’ll help to reduce the pain.

 photo nadia_eha_eyetrough_11_zps2zktlhfi.jpg

I asked Dr for an additional numbing injection before the procedure. I honestly do not like the feel of needles (am actually quite terrified of needles) and wanted to ensure that I can’t feel the needle when Dr injects the fillers. 

Honestly, the pain was bearable. It’s the feeling of the needles that scares the sh*t out of me. After the numbing jab, it was fine!

 photo nadia_eha_eyetrough_22_zpswy5zfmsd.jpg

Me checking out the results. Do take note that while I still had dark eye circles (the fillers do not help with that), my eyebags were gone! Here are some pictures after that. With makeup and concealer to help with the dark eye circles.


Extremely satisfied with the results! I will be going back soon to EHA Clinic. Will definitely be updating more about my other experiences! Do check out EHA Clinic! They are an aesthetic clinic in Orchard, Singapore that provides services such as fillers, botox, IPL and slimming treatments. Highly recommend fillers especially for a significant event like weddings etc. Kinda regretted not getting them done before #nadskai1314!

EHA Clinic & Skincare 1 Scotts Road, #15-01 Shaw Centre, Singapore 228208 (t) 6235 3325

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