murphy’s law.

i think this week has been a very pissy week for me.

1st up – biz capstone screwed up because my groupmate accidentally/blur blur clicked upload all decisions instead of uploading her 2 products. sigh. major screw up. this is big, cause we are dying here!!!!! officially the last group now. ARGH. we’ll need to buck up! help!

2nd – sucky projectmate have not been performing and has not submitted any work even though the presentation is next monday. wrote a nasty email to her. kicked her out and she dropped out of the course. i super detest such behaviour. dont expect other people to do your work for you. if you jollywell cant focus or balance your work with meeting project deadlines, better reconsider about studying.

so now, we have to cover her share (couldnt she have drop out earlier?!) and like i said, presentation on monday. -_-” looks like tomorrow is gonna be chong project day. sigh.

3rd – i was planning on going for a short getaway with tiger next week since i didnt have classes on wednesday and no project meetings on saturday, (other weeks, i have classes on mondays and wednesdays and project meetings on saturdays) so this week will be perfect.. did some research, asked some opinions from the barflies and pingsters and we finalised a few destinations and guess what?

just found out next saturday i have midsems. wtf. apparently the “cancelled” midsems are still on. WAH LAO.

sucky man. looks like we arent meant to travel. tmd. stupid midsems! *shakes fist*

argh! i think i wont help my friend le. how to sia? midsems next weekend! and working for just 2 weeks for him like not good lah. yes, i earn $ but i dont think there’ll be results. i rather not “harm” my friend.

this is officially a grumpy nadia week. grrrr.

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