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From Straight to Curly to Straight!

Remember the last time I blogged about Milly’s? I mentioned that I had hair extensions and here’s the entry on them.

This time I chose to have straight hair extensions instead as I had already tried the curly hair extensions and Milly suggested that I try the braiding instead of the clip on method.

How does it work? Basically they’ll take a few strands of your hair and braid it with the hair extensions. And its very comfortable! Even more comfortable than the clip on hair extensions. The braiding method costs $1.50 per strand.

I had 240 hair extensions placed and it wasn’t heavy at all! The guy who did my hair (I think his name was ah bin or bing. Oh man. I’m so bad with chinese names.) was really fast and good! I was running late for a date with Tiger and ah bin braided my hair as fast as he could.

He also helped curled my hair for me.

Here’s the end result.

Outfit of the day! Dress by TheBlackSequin, earrings by lov3accessories and wedges by some shop in Ang Mo Kio.

That’s Ah bin on the left!

More pics! Super duper camwhore that day.

Sadly I couldn’t carry off the Blair Waldorf look. 🙁

Curls! My hair curler and hair straightener went bonkers. Time to get new ones!

After that, I went to buy new hairbands. I went nuts buying them and Tiger isn’t too pleased. Bah.

One last look at my curls!

The next day I went out with Esther and it’s back to straight old hair.

Do you prefer straight or curly hair on me?

My super duper long hair. Tiger loves this pic. I highly suspect he’s hoping that I’ll turn into a shunu. Sorry Tiger, having long hair and wearing flowery dresses ain’t gonna turn me into some shu nu.

Braided my hair and Esther mentioned she likes this look.

So which do you prefer? Straight or curly on me? Bangs or side fringe?

Anyway the promotion for students is still on! Do remember to visit Milly’s and if you do, remember to quote that you’re my reader and you might enjoy some special discounts and privileges! Don’t forget to call 8383 5395 for appointments!

What would you like to see me do next? Coloured hair extensions? Those crystals on the hair? Gel extensions? Any design of gel extensions? Lash extensions? Let me know and I’ll do a blog post about it!

14 Scotts Road, Far East Plaza
#02-83 & #03-29
Singapore 228213
Telephone: 6734 5657
Mobile: 8383 5395

16 thoughts on “From Straight to Curly to Straight!”

  1. curly hair looks better on you! (:
    i went to Milly’s II with my friend yesterday too,
    she got her pink clip on extension.
    and i think i saw your picture on the board outside 😀


  2. nice extensions! i feel like having hair extension too. but i guess my hair is too short for it. what was your initial hair length (excluding your hair extension)? 😀


  3. oh my god.i am so tempted to do hair extension.but i got no money =(
    now currently preparing for a level.
    I think you look nicer with straight hair & bangs!
    Where did you buy the hairbands?I LOVE the pink one!!
    I wanted to go for eyebrow threading but I not sure if they will help to trimthe eyebrows as well.
    I tried tagging at the blog but got no reply yet.
    Do those crystals on hair!!!cos lashes extension quite common.but the crystal one is less it helps to accessorize the hair as well.By the way,whats gel extension?(:


  4. i checked online with regard to eyebrow threading & some said it is painful.I am so scared of pain.AHHHH!lol.i dont know if i dare to try it.


  5. Milly told me there is no more eyebrow threading but there is eyebrow shaping.(: yay!at least I dont think it will be as painful as threading.


  6. matilda: he’s super fast! really fantastic, am so asking for him again!

    Jessica: thanks dear!

    Kimberly: pink is nice! i had red hair exts previously!

    jessmiex: i bought from a few different accessories shops! went crazy searching for the bow ones. 😛 gel extensions are for the nails! crystals on the hair ah? okies! will try it next! oh yeah, i heard there’s no more eyebrow threading, lol, you won’t need to deliberate on it anymore!

    Hillary: LOL i’m having mixed reactions. curly or straight? hmmm. i’ll just go get a curling tong i guess!

    astrorainfall: bangs? Hmmm been thinking of keeping side fringe though but feeling itchy to start cutting bangs again.

    brenda: don’t tug your extensions, that’s it! they can last up to 6 months i think! but i’ll prefer to take them off after say max 3 months to rest for a while and then put it on again! 🙂


  7. wowww u look soo beautiful with curlyy hair i reallyy love the curls suits ur face shape and ur look reallyy well u are very stunning i wish i had the same curls az that but myn always turn out bad 🙁



  8. Hey! Thanks! I am considering having hair extensions (cos I hate my short hair now toooo) and this post helps with my decision process! Not sure how “fussy” it will be though, so your comments helped – thanks ya?! 🙂 LOL!

    Personally, I prefer your curly hair look!


  9. Siying: I just cut bangs and they look weird 🙁

    kacee: I’ll try curling my hair! heh

    San: It’s not very fuss free honestly, it’s a tad mafan (troublesome) at times but I can live with it. 😉


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