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Miu Miu the non-fitness freak.

This is a Caturdays! – Pictures of cats entry under my themed blog posts! For more info about the Cat themed blog posts, do read the entry here.

My cat thinks that he is a fitness freak 🙂 He’s been hanging out at my dumbbells, exercise mat etc.



When Miu Miu was younger, he looked so adorable and tiny!

Miu miu not prada


Now? He’s a fatty cat!


Aren’t you gonna start exercising Miu Miu?



What’s with the bedroom slippers fetish?


You are supposed to use the weights, not lie on them!



This little gremlin keeps disturbing me when I’m working out! He’ll jump on me when I’m doing my sit ups or bite my fingers when I’m doing push ups!



And he scratched the cover of my yoga mat!


You notti notti boy!!!!! Tsk tsk!

Do any of your pets behave that way too? Do comment!

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For more pictures of Miu Miu, do check out his Facebook page. There will be daily pics of Miu <3

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