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Mad over Ju Ju Be Diaper Bags

I have a confession to make. I have a HUGE addiction to Ju Ju Be (or otherwise known as Jujube or Jjb) diaper bags!

And it’s all Tokidoki’s fault. I’ve been a huge fan of Tokidoki prints. It first started at Blogathon when I picked up my very first Tokidoki items. I occasionally bought a cap, a tee etc.

But when I first saw Jujube bags in the Tokidoki designs, I was in love.

Screen Shot 2016-11-03 at 10.16.16 pm

My first bag was the Jujube BFF in the Tokidoki Space Place design. One bag was definitely not enough and I soon collected a few more styles in the same print.


Then came Donutella Sweet Shoppe which basically got most of my fellow mamas in a frenzy.

I was super stoked to be able to gain an invite to the very exclusive Jujube annual GTG event in Singapore. We could dress to any theme we wanted and I decided to dress up to the latest launch back then. The Hello Kitty Out to Sea launch!



Christine went all Donutella Sweet Shop with her super cute tutu skirt!




I was super stoked to be nominated for one of the best dressed with my nautical dress. HAHHA. Both Skai and Aidan were also dressed in blue. Aidan was more nautical with his boat romper. Of course, we didn’t win as there were others dressed way more awesome than us. Really deserving! It was great to have met Tracie from Team Jujube!

Then came Kaiju City launch. It was a super boyish print and boy were we in LOVE!


I even customised bears using the sold separately changepad. CUTE MAX!

I also purchased the latest collection Hello Sanrio which was super limited! Have yet to “open ceremony” my items but I will, soon!

Like most Jujube-crazed mommas, I’m DAMN EXCITED about the upcoming Unikiki 2.0 collection. Hope to be able to score my fave styles!

Will definitely share more pics soon!

What’s your favourite Jujube style? I’m in LOVE with the hobobe! It’s such a great bag to use! I love it! It’s feminine, stylish and a good size for work!


Here’s the hobby in Donutella Sweet Shoppe.


The hobby in the Legacy Empress print.

Screen Shot 2016-11-03 at 10.28.16 pm

Christine is using the hobby in Donutella Sweet Shoppe while I’m using it in the Perky Toki print!

By the way, I bought every single bag with my own bag. Am NOT sponsored at all, contrary to popular belief. -_-” Seriously love the brand and prints!

If you are wondering where to purchase Ju Ju Be, you can purchase from Ju-ju-be.com!

Or support local at these retailers: Agapebabies, Baby Carrier Singapore, Binky Boppy, Bumwear, Kulily, Maternity Exchange, Mothercare, Niche Babies, Prettymums, Pupsik Studio, Tiny Tree.

Would you like to see more pics, reviews, on the body or even packing pics/vids? Do comment! Perhaps my next entry, I’ll also share my favourite places to purchase these bags! Hope that you had fun reading this entry!

*Jujube GTG pics courtesy of Christine and the official photographer!

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