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nadnut is 4 yrs old!

pic from flickr. her cake pics are fabulous!

wow! just realised that today is my 4th birthday! lol. as in 4 yrs since i started blogging.

spent about 2 yrs at blogspot and another 2 yrs here at liquidblade. 🙂 can’t believe i stuck with the nick nadnut for ages. 😛 i used to have the habit of changing nicks, used the nick donutz and nadevil last time. lol.

anyway, exams are over!!!! wooot! (but school starts next next week. bummer). and i heard some good news! gonna meet up with someone special next week. heh.

wooot! 😉

12 thoughts on “nadnut is 4 yrs old!”

  1. i wonder how you people remember…i forgot when was mine long time ago, since archives got wiped in blogspot accidentally, plus some archives back in angelfire. Sheesh…the times when there were only homepages. haaa


  2. hey babe, know what? i just realised we both started blogging 4 yrs ago on the same day. ha ha! well, technically i had a blog before the blogspot/wordpress one but my first blogspot entry was also on 14th nov. such a coincidence eh?


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