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Vanity Trove x Phillip Wain’s Tummy Taming Day Out!

Attended the Phillip Wain and Vanity Trove Tummy Taming party some time back and I brought a girlfriend, Anna along!


We has this fun activity where we had to complete diff challenges in order to collect stamps for our passport! Once we’ve completed, we were eligible to exchange for diff vouchers!

Both of us did badly for this station! 🙁 our skin are severely dehydrated. Oh no! Totally need to do better and take care of our skin!

They also showed us some tummy slimming exercises and the very interesting TRX machine!


We were also shown various treatments such as the Bodycon treatment, Lipo 8 etc. Both Anna and i completed our tasks and we walked away with the Lipo 8 voucher!!!!!

Awesome! I also brought home the Vanity Trove box which were packed with awesome items!



Thank you Vanity Trove and Phillip Wain for the invite! We both had a great time! 😉


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