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Live Updates from the Wedding.

A few of us barflies are at barffie’s wedding right now. The dresscode wrote to wear something white or red and yours truly looks like a strong supporter of the national day. as i’m decked in a white dress, red belt, and red shoes. Imagine my surprise when i saw a sea of black.


Yours truly, the lovely bride and natsu. (People who DID follow the dresscode)

Sassyjan. One of the BAD examples. tsk tsk. (this reminds me of her birthday party…)

Aside from the above, the other barflies who attended are: irritating tiger, 9 who loves the mario party game and shelly who looks damn fabulous! And i’ve finally met Joshua who is a cutie! After winking at me a few times, he molested me! lol! and i’m an old auntie willing to be molested by such a cutie. hurhur. PAEDOPHILE ALERT.

After the relatives made a move, the bride exclaimed “BRING OUT THE BOOZE!”. lol! I made sure to molest cookie a few times too.

The couple. One of my fave couples from the bar. They’re easy going, friendly and love food. What’s not to like?

Natsu and me. The lovely gentle cooking mama who wants a dslite. *cough 9 cough*

Last but not least, the bride who will always be a close friend of mine. Someone who’s always there and I’ll be able to talk about anything with.

I wish both Naiveguy and Barffie everlasting happiness! Enjoy your honeymoon yeah?! Bangkok next year? heh. *hugs*

Time to be less antisocial and join the party. WHERE’S THE BOOZE?!

4 thoughts on “Live Updates from the Wedding.”

  1. i didnt like the mario party game. most of the games didnt interest me, so i tried the mario one based on recommendation of your dear Tiger. haaa

    i find the dinner dash game much more interesting, but tedious and monotonous after a while. Guess i need games which flexes the brain more. 😛

    and yes, im more of a psp person, than a ds. haaa


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