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Late twenties! fuckadidoodah.

My yearly tradition is to type out a post summarising the various important bits of my life. To know where I have excelled in and where I’ve failed.

I never found it an easy entry to write as I always feel disappointed with myself. And this year is no exception. I’m right. Birthdays are depressing. After 21, it just goes downhill. zzz. It seems that I made drastic changes. I got out of a long relationship and I chopped my long hair short! Ok, enough of drastic changes, I want some stability nao! 26 means I’m in my late twenties! zzz


Studies: My only accomplishment last year would have to be finally finishing my studies and getting my bachelor degree. I’m finally done! Now, two more years of paying the study loan and I’ll be freeeee!

Work: After starblog, I won a stint as a Guest Editor in CLEO which was a fab experience! After that, I nua-ed for a while and surprisingly I found a job in PR. Blogging somewhat got me my job!

Family: Same old, same old. I love my relationship with my mum. I try to make an effort to spend time with her regularly, bring her out for makan and shopping.

Love: Last year’s birthday was spent as a single lady, however Tiger did bring me out for makan. This year’s birthday would be the first year not spent with Tiger which is a very very weird feeling. However, we both have finally come to terms with our breakup and getting back together is impossible. I started dating Ching Chong Boy last year and it has been a great relationship with him. Perhaps it’s because we’re still in our honeymoon stage (10 months old!) or perhaps it’s because he is so different from Tiger that it’s a refreshing change. I don’t know. Or maybe he’s just so ching chong, it makes me laugh! I am very happy with him and hopefully from now on, I’ll be spending all birthdays with him! (Speaking of which, he just called me at midnight to wish me happy birthday! LOL)

Health: I’m at my fattest! Dating ching chong boy is very unhealthy! We both have piled on lotsa weight! Am trying to lose weight from exercising and cutting down on food!!!

Friends: Sad to say, some friends have drifted away but some still remain here for me whenever I need them.  I hope those that drifted away will find their way back soon. I’m tired of trying again and again. It really takes two hands to clap. Ah well.

Blogging: I’m glad that I’ve started my blog. I have made many friends from blogging, made some sideline money, gained interesting insights and most of all, am glad I have a medium to record my thoughts and my memories.

Others: I’m taking up driving this year and hopefully for next year’s birthday post I’ll be able to proudly say that I own a driving license!

Thanks to everyone and anyone who has wished me a very happy birthday. As mentioned last year: birthdays just symbolises another year closer to the grave (to me). So love like you have never loved before, eat like you have never eaten before, live life like every day is your last.

Much love,

15 thoughts on “Late twenties! fuckadidoodah.”

  1. Don’t we all wish we can just stop counting our age after we hit past 21? With your mantra for living, you’ll always be young and hip! Don’t think too much into the late twenties part. We’ll get hell more fun come 30s!

    Happy Birthday Babe!


  2. Common’ nothing’s down hill. You’re still a hot babe leaving many drooling. Cheer up! Have a great birthday! Love this pic!


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