i am FAT.

after 2 weeks of non exercise and immense pigging out. dunno y i keep getting gastric so i eat a lot.

i measured my waist.

and …

i have gained 1 inch! woah. tummy is super fat! thank god my new job (which i have accepted) have a gym. wahhaha.

can go exercise.

maybe should try tummy trim. why dun they have thigh trim?

especially for ppl like me. thunder thighs.. gah.

its a week of scandals. from here, u get to see a person’s true colours. suddenly i see lotsa office politics. thank god im leaving…

de thing is… i tink i started something…

after news of me gonna quit, 2 of my colleagues are gonna quit also. so it will be 3 in a week. one tomorrow, one thursday and me on sat. my boss gonna kena heart attack.

i discovered rotiboy in my neighbourhood! maybe gonna have buffet..

*stares at measuring tape*

now i knoe why im getting fat. stop raining so i can go jogging! anyone wanna get for me tummytrim?

vectorised me again.. yes. those are thunder arms too. BLEAH.