BBQ for main comm, sub comm and SLs by Weishen (FAT ASS)

hello all..

bbq at my place this saturday..organised by me,
organised for you; sponsored by me (well, the
place that is), sponsored by you..tts right,
bring arnd $6-$7 for food..its a totally diff.
amount if you overeat though..and of course, if
u want to donate more to the food fund, its
totally fine with me..

as the subject says, this is for everyone
involved in week zero..please inform ur other sl
friends if they haven’t got the msg yet..

the party starts at 7 and ends next
morning..stay over if u want, leave my house in
one piece if you aren’t..

need the address? get it from either me, kelvin
ling, or jeff..

seeya there..

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