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Changed my phone recently. Upgraded to the Blackberry Torch 9800.

Was having mixed emotions about upgrading.. because I love my lil strawberry! (Blackberry Bold 2 9700). Am still contemplating on skinning the Torch but not sure if the effect would be nice…

Some pics of the old and the new…

Sad thing is that you can’t use a lanyard on the Torch. ARGH!

The Torch is a touchscreen phone with keypad capabilities. It’s definitely heavier and bulkier as compared to the Bold 2. It’s currently running on OS6. iRike.

Got a new screen protector when I went to Bkk.. Say hello to my mirror screen.

My phone is now a mirror too! Woohoo! 😡

Yes, super vainpot. :X

What do you guys think? Should I skin my phone? If so, what kind of design should I get?

5 thoughts on “ihasnewphone!”

  1. i kinda like the plain n nekkid look! 🙂 but might get scratched. 🙁
    i had to put a silicon/rubber protector thing on my new Nexus S. so ugly and fat. 🙁
    but using a matte screen protector instead. i hate fingerprints on my screen! haha…
    so how’s the new BB so far?


    nadnut Reply:

    I LOVE IT!


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