Wanna win $100 CASH and a $100 shopping voucher?!


I found out about this INQmobile phone online via word of mouth. Been hearing about the phone on some blogs and I got so curious that I had to google about it!

Before I tell you how you can stand a chance to win $100 CASH and a $100 shopping voucher, please bear with me while I gush about this phone like a deluded fangirl.

The developers of INQmobile understands the importance of Social Media. They understand that people like you and me who have this obsessive compulsive behaviour where we find a constant need to check our email like hourly and basically bore the rest of the world with our very mundane tweets.

*flicks hair*

WHAT?! Don’t judge me! I love the internet and I love sharing tidbits of information (even if they aren’t interesting). With the INQmobile, you can update your Twitter and Facebook right on the home screen!

If you’re like me, who hates having to log in to each individual account to check your messages, this is another reason why you’ll love the INQmobile! ALL messages from Facebook, Skype and Messenger are stored in one location together with your text and picture messages! Think of it as a one-stop centre! Not only that, all of your web and mobile contacts are also shared in one convenient location.

There’s also a media player with built in. Listen to your favourite playlists on the go!

With the INQmobile, you get to see what your contacts are up to, not in a stalkerish way but you can see if they’re online on services like Facebook, Skype or Messenger. In that way, you can choose to contact them in a various amount of ways! I personally prefer msning instead of calling. Heh, cheaper! (Especially if you have a data plan!) Check out for more information on the phone.

Sadly, this phone isn’t in Singapore. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?!

Anyway! Here’s how you can win $100 Cash and the shopping voucher!

Contest period will be from 7th September to 14th September 2009 2359 hours.

Instructions :
i. Go find out more about INQmobile from their website –
ii. Post in the comment below this post, what you like about the phones by INQmobile.
iii. Tweet, plurk and/or facebook update about this contest that I am running and get more chances of winning! The more you spread this, the more chances you’ll get to win in the lucky draw!
iv. Please include the following details in your comments if you have them so that we can up your winning chances:
Twitter ID:
Plurk ID:
Facebook URL:
v. Please don’t forget to include a valid email address in the “Email” field when you comment so that I can contact you if you are the winner.

All winners will be determined by 24seven Communications. Winners will be notified via email.

Btw, the contest is only open to Singapore Citizen, PR and Singapore Residents! You can copy, paste, tweet, plurk and facebook update this phrase:

I discovered a new phone from @nadnut! Go check it out and you may win $100 cash + $100 voucher! Details at! #INQmobile

Best of luck folks! Don’t forget to leave a comment FIRST before twittering! lol!

19 thoughts on “Wanna win $100 CASH and a $100 shopping voucher?!”

  1. Stunning interface optimized for social media sites. Something I can’t live without.

    This would be the perfect fit with your live life connected wirelessly post –
    Having a good mobile data plan which is accessible anywhere can be quite expensive without the proper application.

    With this phone, it is optimized to use as little data usage as possible and making it load faster.

    “Getting Connected to Social Media shouldn’t cost a thing!”


  2. “ALL messages from Facebook, Skype and Messenger are stored in one location together with your text and picture messages!” OMG what more can we ask for! its so convenient!


  3. I need this super multitask-able gadget which allows me to surf facebook, personal email and best of all, messenger anywhere even in toilet!


  4. All the phones from INQ Mobile are so nice! Not the usual everyday phones that you see daily. Even the box design is very detailed, and jap-ish looking.

    And this is unlike other mobile phones that has 3rd party applications that may allow you to access the social networking sites. The INQ phones are customized for those sites, which would definitely mean a much better experience at those sites compared to other 3rd party applications built in on the other mobile phones.

    One awesum feature that I really like is the hyperwords feature! It is able to turn any word into a link while browsing a webpage or in a sms and you can do so much things with it! Its the perrrrrrfect phone, for people who can’t get enough of social sites! It also has a awesome on board camera that allows you to snap a shot and upload it directly to facebook! So don’t waste time uploading pictures to facebook! Do it via INQ Mobile and save time!!

    Twitter ID: Jiethegreat


  5. I love the fact thats all our FB, MSN etc, are stored in one same place. Its so convenient! INQ phones are customized for our social networking needs, which teens and even working adults really need. I love the design of the phones, really well packed yet not too complicated. Instead, it makes things simpler. Its amazing how these phones can even be invented. Its gonna be a new tech wave~


  6. With InQ, I’ll be able to facebook whenever i’m awake now instead of checking my facebook only when i’m on my netbook/desktop.

    Being able to MSN on the go means that i’m always connected to my friends (if they’re on that is) and that’s never a bad thing to have~



    After reading your entry and also at the website. I am so tempted to get one of this phone.

    With this phone, I can easily connect with people through the following ways:
    & Skype.

    I think this phone simply rocks and a lot of people will like this phone!

    I’m loving it! =)

    Facebook URL :

    My blog URL:


  8. Nice that there’s a phone that specializes in social media! Just what any of us would love to have. Can see that they put in alot of effort into understanding the consumers and implementing the technology interface. Just a question though: For a social media phone.. why is the display screen so small?


  9. i wonder why we are marketing this in sg if its not in sg??
    can we get it in comex or smtg??
    make me salivate but cant get hold of it.
    its soo sadist


  10. This is so damn awesome! Owning a INQ would mean having all means of communication and a touch to all social media!

    It feels like “Love at first sight!” Everyone, both the young and the old, would love to have one of these stylish phones! t has easy access to the functions and it is affordable as well! (:

    Whats more amazing than this?! A portable stylish phone that does wonders!


  11. Can FACEBOOK 24seven!!! That’s like totally wicked! And that switcher function.. It’s the answer to all those multi-taskers out there who just can’t decide which to do first! XD


  12. wow. Its so easy to use and handy.
    Skype calling just like making any phone call.
    Its like wow wow wow. Wonderful.

    Twitter Id : Jasminetsh
    Facebook Url : Jasminetay


  13. Hello, great post! I was so tempted to get one for myself when I read your post!

    The first wow- factor that attracted me was the arty farty design of the box! Even the packaging was so unique and colourful. It certainly changed my perception of a mobile phone- its not just an object to chuk aside when you don’t need it, but it’s something to be admired and cherished. It’s a piece of art.

    What I loved most about INQ Mobile Phone was the practical applications and prices that are not sky rocking high as well! Personally, I spend an average of 8 hours on the internet each day- frantically checking emails, chatting with friends over msn, selling things on ebay, facebooking. I could save so much time and effort on checking different websites since INQ stores all of them in one inbox! My life is much more organised with these applications. That’s really incredible!

    INQ has the “looks” and “functions” all in one! I think I have fallen deep for it~


  14. Wow….it sound like mobile on the go…

    With this phone, I can connected to facebook, MSN, twitter, my blog anytime, anywhere And instantly can upload pictures onto facebook or to my blog any moment I like!

    Say bye bye to desktop / laptop…Say hello to INQmobile!


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