back from wala wala. (yes again)

did brennan get slapped again? yeap he did. erm. the others egged me on. not my pasal.

i’m beginning to really enjoy myself now with this group of bloggers. looks like saturday wala wala will be a weekly thing?

but…. that is a bet that sandra and i made… and the loser has to kiss a certain blogger. *ack*

sandra please lose. thanks.

hahaa. supposedly i’m more chirpy and happy as compared to my entries (the depressive melancholic ones that is…) hahhaa.

pics coming up soon from today’s outing… but firstly..


[edit]… wala was wala-ing fun. hahaa. remember what happened to the ex? he got drunk and all that..

on monday, i managed to psycho persuade him to come down wala again and apologise to fiona.

not only did shirlyn (lead singer of unXpected) remember him, she disturbed him the whole night. hilarious!

karma baby. karma. what goes around comes around… wwahhahaa.

this was what he did to me on MY 21st birthday party infront of a hell lot of people.

look at the resigned face…

pics from last night..

i miss ndp so much. for the past few years been participating… feels weird to be home on national day..

i miss shahdon! the minahs! the kfc chicken meals… rushing for rehearsals… dancing the silly dances… motivating the crowd and being right in the action..

reminisce the past…

can you spot me? 🙂 [/edit]

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