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Vanilla Lollies and Milly’s!

Vanilla Lollies would probably sound familiar to you, that’s because they were featured in Girly Staycation!

Vanilla Lollies would have to be one of my favourite blogshops. They have very good quality items and designs which are very pleasing to the eye!

They launch fab collections weekly at both their livejournal and their Jipaban sites! One thing that I like about them, is that they offer payment via paypal! That way, if I’m running low on funds on my ibanking accounts, I can always use my credit cards. :p

I think it’s really cute that their collections are designed like magazine issues.

The “issue” cover contains info like the model’s stats, featured designs for the issue and also any on-going promotions!

Here are two items that I got from them!

The Cream Gala Mesh Dress is so adorable! Perfect bridesmaid dress!

The Pink Sweetheart Dress is sooooo flattering! No need for a pushup bra! Instant boobs! :X

Am so wearing this dress for my next special occasion!

Do check out Vanilla Lollies and remember to join their mailing list! Thumbs up for this blogshop!

With fab dresses like these, one would always have fab nails. Needless to say, I got my nails done at Milly’s, my favourite nails sponsor.

For fab nails like these, check out Milly’s  at Bugis Village Extension, Level 2 @ Bom Bom Street!

Remember to call Millys (at 8383 5395) to make an appointment!

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