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What are your top 5 favourite Blackberry apps?

My favourite Blackberry apps would have to be:

1. Blackberry messenger.

I think I save a lot of money using bbm all the time! It’s easy to msg/send files/ping your fellow bb users and I always chat with Ccb via bbm every day! I can’t imagine bb users NOT having bbm!

2. Ubertwitter

I actually prefer this over Twitter for Blackberry. The interface is much nicer and i am very comfortable with using ubertwitter. Plus uploading pictures to my twitter is really convenient!

3. Facebook

Now I can view facebook friend’s requests, update my facebook status and upload photos all via my blackberry! Only thing I dislike is that when I try to view videos, it opens up on my internet browser and i can’t view it! Does anyone else have this problem?

4. BeBuzz Free

Cute little app where you can set different colours to your missed call alert and incoming calls. iRike!

5. WordPress

So I can blog on the go! I post most of my mini notes using this app!

These are my five favourite blackberry apps. What’s yours? Pls share!

Pssst. Didja know that there is a South Africa on Blackberry app? You can be updated with the stats and scores for the World Cup. Good for you World Cup siaokias!

2 thoughts on “What are your top 5 favourite Blackberry apps?”

  1. I downloaded like this iCabSG thingie, basically allows me to have instant dial of all the cab companies in Singapore. Comes in very handy during super heavy downpour when you can’t get any cabs!


    nadnut Reply:

    That’s one of my faves too!


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