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I need to be alone at times.

I really can’t be around someone 24/7. It really drives me mad.

Be it friends or loved ones, I feel really suffocated when I’m around someone always. I do think that I’m an extrovert most of the times, I can hit it off with people I’ve met for the first time and carry on a conversation about absolutely nothing… While I enjoy people’s company most of the time, I need me-time too.

Just to unwind, think through the day’s events or just stone. Even at home, when I need me-time, I’ll just disappear to my room. I can’t be in the same room with someone and have me-time as I’ll find a need to make small talk. I don’t know why, I just feel need to be totally alone.

Do you feel the same way too?

7 thoughts on “I need to be alone at times.”

  1. Yes socialising is tiring some times. I try to space out the times that I’d meet up with friends. I don’t think anyone can have that much to talk about that you’d need to meet daily.

    However my me-time is not totally an “alone” time – Snoop is always around and I can sit and watch TV with my parents without saying a word to them. 🙂


  2. Yes, I totally agree. The me-time is my “own space” when you switch off from the world and rejuvenate, where you crawl back to your own shell and ponder about the things in life and happening around you. It’s like we take a step back (into own space) so that we can take more positive steps forward afterwards!


  3. It’s funny how our temperaments change, day to day, moment to moment, season to season.

    I used to be an extrovert like you would not believe. Always the bright star of the party. But somehow, around 5 years ago, I mellowed immensely.

    I usually prefer to sit back now and listen to other talk, enjoy their moments of sharing.


  4. me time is very important, i start to feel very irritated and feel very crowded if i don’t get my alone time! 😀


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